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We used dry blasting for a project to restore painted wood to its natural state

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

When our construction company client was tasked to remove paint from wood beams, supporting structures and ventilation systems in a dentist office they were remodeling, they called TCC Blasting Services to do the job.

Dry blasting is an ideal method for removing one or more layers of paint, and particularly in hard to reach places. Fine particles are applied with a spray nozzle powered by a compressor. Cleanup is easily accomplished with a broom and flat shovel.

Once our bid was accepted, we planned to work on days where we would not disturb other building tenants.

The contractor planned to replace the drywall which was important. We covered the windows and masked off all the trim. Then we started blasting.

It took our two person crew 15 hours over 2 days to accomplish the work, including removing the residue from the blasting. And we left the area cleaner than when we found it.

The painted beams before dry blasting
The restoration to natural wood after dry blasting

Our customer was pleased with the cost and the finished work.

Dry blasting for wood restoration includes antiques, furniture, cabins, decks, siding and much more. There are many other practical applications for both dry and wet dustless blasting as well, which are detailed on our website.

Please give us a call and let's discuss how we can help you with your next project.


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